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Posted: June 26, 2024
In this episode of 'At the Meeting,' Dr. Joel Nerem, a seasoned swine veterinarian from PIPESTONE, addresses pivotal challenges in the swine industry. He discusses next-generation strategies for disease elimination, biosecurity, and the critical role of veterinarians in meeting consumer demands. Dr. Nerem's insights comprehensively look at advancing swine health... Read more
Posted: June 12, 2024
In this episode of "At The Meeting," our special guests, Dr. Eduardo Fano, Dr. Amanda Sponheim, and Dr. Maria Pieters, explore the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Eradication Roadmap, a critical initiative for eliminating M. hyopneumoniae in swine. They discuss this roadmap's collaborative efforts, research, and practical applications, offering valuable insights for producers... Read more
Posted: May 22, 2024
In this episode of 'At the Meeting,' we feature Professor Dermot Hayes, a leading expert in agricultural economics from Iowa State University. Prof. Hayes explores the complexities of swine productivity in the U.S. and its comparison to global standards. He discusses critical topics such as competitiveness, input costs, and the... Read more
Posted: January 10, 2024
SwineCast 1254 Show Notes: U.S. swine producers will face continued economic challenges for the first portion of 2024, with a reduction in feed costs arriving by summer. But producers will still need to improve herd health and make their production systems more efficient if they are to survive. The At... Read more
Posted: December 21, 2023
SwineCast 1253 Show Notes: The US Swine Health Improvement Plan (US-SHIP), with its House of Delegates and recently elected General Conference Committee (GCC), provides an action-oriented structure to safeguard and improve the health of the U.S. swine herd. The At The Meeting team talks with US-SHIP senior coordinator Dr. Tyler... Read more
Posted: December 13, 2023
SwineCast 1252 Show Notes: The absence of improved standards for tracing the movement of pigs in the U.S. is producing unnecessary risk for producers and the industry. While an estimated 70 percent of producers favor improved traceability, near unanimous adoption is needed to reassure U.S. trade partners and protect producer... Read more
Posted: November 8, 2023
SwineCast 1251 Show Notes: Recruiting the next generation of swine veterinarians is challenging, which puts the future of swine health at risk. The At The Meeting team talks with Dr. Chris Richards (Managing Director, Apiam Animal Health) about how Apiam has successfully used mentorships, career planning, flexible workplace practices, student... Read more
Posted: October 19, 2023
SwineCast 1249 Show Notes: Decreases in pork production in other EU countries have created growth opportunities for Spanish pork producers, but the potential for increasing regulation and declining consumption of pork are causing concern. Both threats could drive significant declines in EU pork production in the years ahead. The ATM... Read more
Posted: August 31, 2023
SwineCast 1243 Show Notes: With several successful California Prop 12 certifications behind her, Dr. Cara Haden from Pipestone Veterinary Services has important insights about the compliance process. She shares with the At The Meeting team how important detailed documentation is to the Prop 12 certification process. On ‘At the Meeting’,... Read more
Posted: August 14, 2023
SwineCast 1241 Show Notes: The European Union swine producers are facing challenging headwinds related to economics, environmental concerns, and perceptions of livestock conditions. Is this an opportunity for U.S. producers or a foreshadowing of the future? The At The Meeting team talks with Dr. Oliver Duran (Boehringer Ingelheim Leader for... Read more
Posted: July 1, 2023
SwineCast 1238 Show Notes: Reducing costs and managing capital are key survival strategies during periods of challenging production economics. The ‘At The Meeting‘ team talks with John Schwartz, CEO and President of Schwartz Farms, one of the leading swine production companies in the U.S. Mr. Schwartz provides insights on how... Read more
Posted: June 6, 2023
SwineCast 1234 Show Notes: Dr. Tyler Te Grotenhuis (Christensen Farms) and Dr. Mike Eisenmenger (recently retired from the Swine Vet Center) discuss with the At The Meeting team how to implement biosecurity on nursery-grow-finish sites. On ‘At the Meeting’, Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison are Dr. Montserrat Torremorell (College of Veterinary... Read more